“Cover Yourself” podcast

David Battino, the editor of O’Reilly Digital Audio, has posted a podcast conversation with me on the O’Reilly Digital Media Center. He did a great job editing our rambling conversation into something that makes sense. Digital Media Insider Podcast 16: Cover Yourself (A Radical Approach to Copyright): Open source enthusiast Lucas Gonze wanted to record […]

gig followup

My show at Hyperion Lounge last night went well. It’s a nice little club — small, low-key, human. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but it was enough to be worth playing for. And they *got* the music. The reactions I got were friendly, and more importantly they were relevant. People talked about the importance to […]

save the commas

Ok, tags are separated by commas, right? So if you want to have the tags “a” and “b” on some object you enter the tags as “a,b”, yeah? Right, well, who’s looking out for the commas?  One minute they’re getting entered, the next they’re nowhere at all.  Pity the comma!

guitar lessons as the transmission of culture

Per NPR Thousands of guitar students lost a valuable resource last week. The most popular guitar teacher on YouTube saw his more than 100 videos yanked from the site. The reason: a music company accused him of copyright  infringement for an instructional video on how to play a Rolling Stones song. Culture relies on shared […]